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Offering quality vehicles and a full spectrum of lending options to fit your current situation. We report to the credit bureaus to help you establish or re-establish your credit.

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Two years ago I came into Pinnacle Auto looking for a car. It was a real desperate time in my life. I was missing work, etc. and almost losing my job at Tyson. I needed some help. So I came into Pinnacle Auto and the way I was treated right from the beginning was a feeling of real comfort. I felt like they really had my interest at heart. Over time I became friends with Marty, Stratt, and Sarah. One day Stratt gave me a call. He asked a couple of questions and then 30 minutes later I got the best call I could ever get. I was approved on a brand new 2015 Kia Optima. I felt great!!! I worked hard to put myself in a good situation to build my credit up and I'm not looking back!!! I love my new car!!! I recommend anyone to go to Pinnacle Auto to get their next car!! The people there make a difference!!

-A. English

Pinnacle Auto is a great car dealership! They helped me from the fi rst time I walked through their doors. They are very friendly and easy to work with. To me, they are like family and that was what I was looking for. I had bad experiences with other dealers so I know good service when I see it!! They built my credit up and I feel Pinnacle Auto is a great place to get the automobile your looking for!

-Tina C.

When I bought my car I didn't have a very big down payment to work with and I still got a nice car to drive to build my credit. After over a year of making payments I got into an auto accident. I didn't know what to do so I called Pinnacle Auto where I bought the car from and they provided the direction for me to get another car. Not only that, but because of my credit having gone up I was able to get a lot newer ride. I was amazed! Pinnacle Auto gave me great service every time I called them. You should check them out! They are way different!

-Netta H.